i wish i could have these tree in my room although its impossible. but id like to have a plant in my room if they have any space. i went to town today where ive never been before it was actually really nice to go out and see new town. i went there in early morning so i couldnt see any christmas decoration but i could imagine that town would be so beautiful in night time. its quite famous place and there are so many expensive boutique shop, beautiful models were walking around with their book. you need to be rich to go there i guess. anyway ive started christmas shopping, i really cannot wait but also i dont want christmas to come so early just because i just love it too much and will definitely miss it after it finish.
ive just remember that i was just working really hard a year ago of this time with christmas earrings. in small restaurant with full of christmas decoration and christmas song which made me feel so great to work all the time even it was hard.
oh christmas you make me feel so bloody brilliant.

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