christmas decoration everywhere.

I've been posting only video lately and I am going to post another uke video today. sorry if you don't like it, I'm more like movie person than just photos. anyway is everything alright for you guys? I've been looking for another job, it is really hard because I'm not looking for just normal job, it's different like you need to be a beautiful. yes beautiful, you can guess what it is. i'm not beautiful nor pretty at all, but i really want to try it again, i used to be in that job and I've done only 2 and it was horrible, i didn't know how to show myself, i didn't even like fashion, i was incredibly ugly in inside/outside of myself which is why i didn't have a confidence. i am still kinda that person who is always complain about myself but i know how to show myself so ill just try it as much as i can....and i don't want to work with uncomfortable black suits. it must be horrible unless you enjoy to do it. sounds very spoiled girl but i'm not. well I'm just hoping that i can tell you happy nice news one day.
by the way my dog has another problem again which makes me so depressed, i found a probably 2 or 3cm lump under her ear so need to take her to vet again to make sure its not cancer. if its a cancer, i would be...i dont know, i wouldn't be able to focus on my work, life everything. she is old (9y/o). i only can think about negative way. well ill find what it is tomorrow anyway. hope its not bad lump.

today's video
Baby, it's cold outside (ukulele cover) by me and me


  1. i hope u can sort out your life soon and i find you extraordinarily pretty for idk what reason : )
    and i love your voice as always !

  2. Annaちゃんの声好き^ω^色々カバーやってほしいです\(^o^)/

  3. Love the lights, and video is so rad! Love it. Would be lovely if you could stop by-Izzy xo