bear with me.

i wrapped her with my bear jumper until vet to open in this morning. I normally don't do that to dog but today it was bloody freezing and she was trembling so i wrapped her with my jumper i brought just in case. i was going to wash that jumper because she was sleeping on it so smelled like a dog obviously and i knew that's going to happen so i just took that with me.
how can she be such a lovely dog in the world? i wish i could be that pretty like her. she is too cute and need to protect from bad people. i will be batman...no batwoman for her. honestly i would protect her no matter how something really dangerous happen. she is like my little kid.


Panda madness.

panda madness

i've been packing my stuff all day and suddenly i felt sad to leave this house. there are full of panda boxes everywhere in my house which i call "panda madness. look at this panda's face, very pretty and makes you go "awww" but if you get used to see it, it actually scares you and whisper to you "we are always here for you...always...yes FOREVER" with really high voice and laugh like a crazy person.
anyway good thing is you can get high with them.


you are beautiful, no matter what they say

this song is so beautiful song i've ever heard, i cried when i heard this song very first time. I've never heard of her song before at all, and have just found this song in the trailer of Smash and it just blew my mind. so i covered this song. it is terrible i know, like hardest song i have ever covered so far, its not my type of song at all but hope you enjoy it or you can just listen original one, which is much much fucking much better than mine obviously.


Don't you go to bed? 
Why not? 
-Because I don't want to 
Don't you want to go to fantasy world? 
"Fantasy World." 
-Yes I heard what you said, where is it? 
In your head. In your dream. 
-I have been having nightmare. 
Then kill your nightmare. you are strong. 
You know how. 
Just believe yourself and tell them 
-Tell them what? 
Tell them that you are strong. Tell them you are not alone. 
and tell them you are special.


Flight of the conchords.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS finally i received package going to watch this all night today.


i'm now waiting for delivery to come. when the hell is that coming!? i can't make any noise because my interphone?/bell is kinda broken and i hardly can hear the beep. i've been staying very calm and quiet an hour now. by the way apparently it might snow tonight woo hoo.



extreamely busy

I'm not working 4days a week anymore so i thought my life would be less busy but i was totally wrong. i'm now looking for a new job but can't decide where to work because i'm moving out from where i live. it's kinda sad to leave where i have been living since i was a very little annie. it's not i want to leave here, i bloody have to leave for some complicated reason. and my parents were sort of gone mad and so did i. loads of annoying things happened to me and made me feel like completely alone than i used to be. anyway these bad things are now about to change and hopefully i hope everything will be alright. is it only in japan to look for a flat where pets allow is really difficult and cost a lot more than usual? it was bloody hard to find it and all i could find is kinda old wooden apartment. its much cheaper than my current flat but i don't really feel good to move out there. anyway i have no choice and hopefully i can find a job around there.

this is not relate to above story but i am really looking forward to see this now...to see Jack Davenport, i haven't see him for ages. he is too sexy.



Hiya, Happy new year guys. did you have a good holiday? i wish i could had new years party but well maybe next time. at least i could had brilliant dinner so thats fine.
so i'm still on holiday and really enjoying to stay in my house all day which sounds unhealthy but don't worry, i always need to go out to take my dog for a walk you see. she is getting better although i found something weird about her body, i hope its nothing. well i'll sort it out very soon because i'm taking my dog to vet tomorrow anyway. just hope everything is fine with my lovely doggie. so in new year's eve, my yellow big geeky grannish glasses was murdered by my dog, poor my lovely glasses. i didn't even notice that my dog sneak my glasses out from my room. when me and my family were having and enjoy our dinner, we heard something cracked in living room and were wondering what that sound was and when i looked down under the table...my dog was killing my glasses :( so i've just got new glasses yesterday and this time i was choosing different one. but more granny style kinda things. oh and i didn't mention you guys that i got hair cut. so here is the pictures of my new stuff including new glasses and guitar video (for Napoleon Dynamite lovers).
new pink jumper ( i also have blue jumper like this, and hopefully will show you soon) new granny glasses with retro strap new hair me with glasses. We're going to be friends by the White stripes. Napoleon Dynamite's opening song.