Hiya, Happy new year guys. did you have a good holiday? i wish i could had new years party but well maybe next time. at least i could had brilliant dinner so thats fine.
so i'm still on holiday and really enjoying to stay in my house all day which sounds unhealthy but don't worry, i always need to go out to take my dog for a walk you see. she is getting better although i found something weird about her body, i hope its nothing. well i'll sort it out very soon because i'm taking my dog to vet tomorrow anyway. just hope everything is fine with my lovely doggie. so in new year's eve, my yellow big geeky grannish glasses was murdered by my dog, poor my lovely glasses. i didn't even notice that my dog sneak my glasses out from my room. when me and my family were having and enjoy our dinner, we heard something cracked in living room and were wondering what that sound was and when i looked down under the table...my dog was killing my glasses :( so i've just got new glasses yesterday and this time i was choosing different one. but more granny style kinda things. oh and i didn't mention you guys that i got hair cut. so here is the pictures of my new stuff including new glasses and guitar video (for Napoleon Dynamite lovers).
new pink jumper ( i also have blue jumper like this, and hopefully will show you soon) new granny glasses with retro strap new hair me with glasses. We're going to be friends by the White stripes. Napoleon Dynamite's opening song.

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