extreamely busy

I'm not working 4days a week anymore so i thought my life would be less busy but i was totally wrong. i'm now looking for a new job but can't decide where to work because i'm moving out from where i live. it's kinda sad to leave where i have been living since i was a very little annie. it's not i want to leave here, i bloody have to leave for some complicated reason. and my parents were sort of gone mad and so did i. loads of annoying things happened to me and made me feel like completely alone than i used to be. anyway these bad things are now about to change and hopefully i hope everything will be alright. is it only in japan to look for a flat where pets allow is really difficult and cost a lot more than usual? it was bloody hard to find it and all i could find is kinda old wooden apartment. its much cheaper than my current flat but i don't really feel good to move out there. anyway i have no choice and hopefully i can find a job around there.

this is not relate to above story but i am really looking forward to see this now...to see Jack Davenport, i haven't see him for ages. he is too sexy.

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