nappy on an orangutan

i found this photo today and thought really funny for some reason...probably we all looked like an orangutan. and my mum told me that i put nappy on an orangutan. haha very charming.



since ive changed my blog's name and url, only a few people can read or find here because they were remember here as aresto momentum/yaamool. they can't see my last blog anymore. i should have noticed you guys. im kinda sad about what is happening right now :( i do hope people would be able to find here.
oh by the way i finally got a job. yay.
ブログの名前かえちゃってからみんな来なくなっちゃったってか前のブログのurlだと見えないからね。消えちゃってるから。前に事前に言っておくんだった。みつけたらこちらが元aresto momentumです。よろしくお願いいたします。


We will have the same grave

i got so fed up with last layout so i changed it and my blog' name from aresto momentum to annie the clumsy. URL is now annietheclumsy. not yaamool anymore ...so you know :) yaamool/aresto momentumからannietheclumsyにかえました。 anyway this is my second original song,,,i hope you enjoy it.

i wish i could have all of your pain
and you would be free from it.
i wouldn't mind having all of your pain
even if it really hurt me

i wish i could get rid of all of your sorrow
and you would be happy after that
i wouldn't mind having all of your sorrow
even if it will really kill me

it's all for you
I don't know what to do without you
i need you in my life

i wish we could live forever without any struggle
and we would become a legend
i wouldn't mind that there are no people left
I'm just happy being with you

but we all die eventually
then we will have the same grave full of your favorite stuff
and a pillow to blanket to sleep tight


hard time.

i applied 2 jobs last week and didn't get both. since when did job hunting in my country japan become difficult...or i was just lucky to got a job when i came back from England. i applied 2 at that time and got both and was chosen one of it which turned out not good job for me. i mean there are probably only a few good jobs in this world, not all of us can get a "good job". unfair....well waitress was okay in England because it was tiny little cafe/restaurant. i wish i could work there again but in japan this time obviously. anyway i still need to keep looking...for money, for my dog's vets fee (this is really expensive and she has got another problem...doesn't sound good at all) *extremely big sigh*


my beautiful desktop.

<3 my current desktop. isn't it fantastic?


Your girlfriend is xbox360

okay, this is my very first original song. i've been thinking about this song for probably a year and half because i made a bit when i was in england and gave up because it was too difficult to make it and now its finally complete. i learned how difficult to make a song, and lyrics. anyway hope you enjoy this.
your girlfriend is xbox 360 and
i know you can do so much with her
never let you down
not like me.

your girlfriend is xbox 360 and
seems like you never stop talking when you are on live
but you never talk
that much in reality

when i say lets do something together or lets go out, its nice weather
and you always answer "okay but let me finish this"
"it's almost finish"
"I'm in the middle of fighting this is very important"
"oh i can't save this in here I'm sorry"
and it will never finish i know you.
it will never ever finish

your girlfriend is xbox 360 and
it takes ages to finish since you said it almost finish
well look outside
its getting dark now

and it will never ever finish i know you
i know you darling, i know you


the day i pressed the wrong button

it was yesterday, oh yes i was really exciting to take a photo at photo booth with my lovely dog Chibe and it ended up nothing, my 700yen had gone for nothing. that photo booth was awful, button was kinda broken and even couldn't choose the place of camera, no flash which was good for my doggie because i didn't want her eyes get damage and took my sunglasses with me just in case. and we tried so many times because the place of camera was too high and even i hold her higher, she couldn't be in the right place. i thought it was self timer style but i needed to press the button to 'take' our photo. i hold my dog and the other hand was on the bottom. and i was like "okay this is going to be the last" because 1, my dog was quite heavy and my hands muscle started shake, 2, my dog even wasn't in the photo and i looked down to take care of her and then.....this happened.
look at my face, you can see how hard i was trying to take a right photo. looks so stupid. i felt so stupid and wanted to shoot that crap photo booth so much with bazooka and blow that away. *big sigh* this is my polaroid photo. i hate new polaroid film. it really sucks.


a bit of my new room.

this is my new room. first photo is my kinda wallpaper behind my bed. so you might be able to see it when i make another uke or guitar video soon. and second photo is also my wallpaper behind my wardrobe. i needed to buy them just because i wanted to hide my japanese sytle wall which makes my room awfully ugly and i absolutely hated it. i still need to decorate my room though...and need to find a job. *big sigh*


Panda and Ukulele = Brilliant.

i said last ukulele video would be the last video i take on my last post. (so many "last") anyway i took very final video today with my pandas and we sung together in the end. they are incredibly nice friends even though i am the only person to be able to hear and understand what they say. anyway we covered the song "after you've gone away", so many artist covered this song but i did fiona apple's version, she is such a great artist. i really like to sing kinda style of song although i dont know much about music at all. anyway hope you guys enjoy my pandas. they are real nice. 前のブログにもこれがラストーなんていってたけどこれがラストラストのこの部屋で撮るビデオです、次は和室からになります。引っ越すのすごい嫌。小さいころからこの部屋で育ってきたのに。大嫌い引っ越しなんて。お金馬鹿高いしおかげでお金ないもん。 エニウェイ、パンダと一緒に話して歌ったビデオです、エンジョイしてくれるとうれしいです。こういうブルースのようなジャズのような歌は大好き。一番歌いやすい。それにウクレレもなにげにあうんだよね。そういうことです。誰かいい歌知ってる人いたら教えてください。


my favourite songs of flight of the conchords.

to be honset i can't even choose which song is the best because every songs are just fuckingtastic for me.

which is your favourite?
ill cover one of their song one day.


Paper bag

 hi, you can't see it but there are full of panda boxes in my room and this will be probably the last cover song in this house. sad. i loved this room very much...i do not want to leave if i can. everything is just money isnt it? fuck you money. i hate you. it literally ruined my family life.