the day i pressed the wrong button

it was yesterday, oh yes i was really exciting to take a photo at photo booth with my lovely dog Chibe and it ended up nothing, my 700yen had gone for nothing. that photo booth was awful, button was kinda broken and even couldn't choose the place of camera, no flash which was good for my doggie because i didn't want her eyes get damage and took my sunglasses with me just in case. and we tried so many times because the place of camera was too high and even i hold her higher, she couldn't be in the right place. i thought it was self timer style but i needed to press the button to 'take' our photo. i hold my dog and the other hand was on the bottom. and i was like "okay this is going to be the last" because 1, my dog was quite heavy and my hands muscle started shake, 2, my dog even wasn't in the photo and i looked down to take care of her and then.....this happened.
look at my face, you can see how hard i was trying to take a right photo. looks so stupid. i felt so stupid and wanted to shoot that crap photo booth so much with bazooka and blow that away. *big sigh* this is my polaroid photo. i hate new polaroid film. it really sucks.

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