since ive changed my blog's name and url, only a few people can read or find here because they were remember here as aresto momentum/yaamool. they can't see my last blog anymore. i should have noticed you guys. im kinda sad about what is happening right now :( i do hope people would be able to find here.
oh by the way i finally got a job. yay.
ブログの名前かえちゃってからみんな来なくなっちゃったってか前のブログのurlだと見えないからね。消えちゃってるから。前に事前に言っておくんだった。みつけたらこちらが元aresto momentumです。よろしくお願いいたします。

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  1. I found it again ! :-D Congratulations on finding a job :-)