Panda and Ukulele = Brilliant.

i said last ukulele video would be the last video i take on my last post. (so many "last") anyway i took very final video today with my pandas and we sung together in the end. they are incredibly nice friends even though i am the only person to be able to hear and understand what they say. anyway we covered the song "after you've gone away", so many artist covered this song but i did fiona apple's version, she is such a great artist. i really like to sing kinda style of song although i dont know much about music at all. anyway hope you guys enjoy my pandas. they are real nice. 前のブログにもこれがラストーなんていってたけどこれがラストラストのこの部屋で撮るビデオです、次は和室からになります。引っ越すのすごい嫌。小さいころからこの部屋で育ってきたのに。大嫌い引っ越しなんて。お金馬鹿高いしおかげでお金ないもん。 エニウェイ、パンダと一緒に話して歌ったビデオです、エンジョイしてくれるとうれしいです。こういうブルースのようなジャズのような歌は大好き。一番歌いやすい。それにウクレレもなにげにあうんだよね。そういうことです。誰かいい歌知ってる人いたら教えてください。

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  1. I love your voice! Speaking voice and singing voice.