We will have the same grave

i got so fed up with last layout so i changed it and my blog' name from aresto momentum to annie the clumsy. URL is now annietheclumsy. not yaamool anymore ...so you know :) yaamool/aresto momentumからannietheclumsyにかえました。 anyway this is my second original song,,,i hope you enjoy it.

i wish i could have all of your pain
and you would be free from it.
i wouldn't mind having all of your pain
even if it really hurt me

i wish i could get rid of all of your sorrow
and you would be happy after that
i wouldn't mind having all of your sorrow
even if it will really kill me

it's all for you
I don't know what to do without you
i need you in my life

i wish we could live forever without any struggle
and we would become a legend
i wouldn't mind that there are no people left
I'm just happy being with you

but we all die eventually
then we will have the same grave full of your favorite stuff
and a pillow to blanket to sleep tight

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