Your girlfriend is xbox360

okay, this is my very first original song. i've been thinking about this song for probably a year and half because i made a bit when i was in england and gave up because it was too difficult to make it and now its finally complete. i learned how difficult to make a song, and lyrics. anyway hope you enjoy this.
your girlfriend is xbox 360 and
i know you can do so much with her
never let you down
not like me.

your girlfriend is xbox 360 and
seems like you never stop talking when you are on live
but you never talk
that much in reality

when i say lets do something together or lets go out, its nice weather
and you always answer "okay but let me finish this"
"it's almost finish"
"I'm in the middle of fighting this is very important"
"oh i can't save this in here I'm sorry"
and it will never finish i know you.
it will never ever finish

your girlfriend is xbox 360 and
it takes ages to finish since you said it almost finish
well look outside
its getting dark now

and it will never ever finish i know you
i know you darling, i know you

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