very 80s, very funky. very cheesy.

so here is my new video with my new instrument called omnichord, im talking why did i get this and singing with it later, so if you just want to hear cover, skip to 3:46 then you don't have to listen my crappy talking. i covered Lady Madonna by the beatles, i was going to play Time warp because it sounds really great with omnichord but i just didn't want to play it alone. i mean its like a party song and you just dont want do that all by yourself do you.so i'll save this until...someday. anyway hope you guys enjoy this. i bet you will like it.
excuse my english, i haven't use it for ages and kinda forgot how to speak.


she loves earth

as you can see this photo, my dog Chibe is literally always looking outside in the morning. never stop. just keep looking,,,as if she was a bird and would want be free from the cage...although she is always free in this house anyway. :)


family portrait

i am relaxing with my dog.