my wonderful and regretful dream of jeff goldblum

i had a wonderful dream of jeff goldblum the other day, we were flirting like a couple but we didnt kiss so i was like aaaargh when i woke up. so ....this song is pretty much about it. i just needed to add weird sound effect to cover my terrible unstable melody and singing and ignore the very last weird sound with my lips. it will make you feel sick i guess. (better to listen with earphone otherwise you can't hear anything)
i was sitting on his knee
he was wearing a black leather jacket
we were in very good mood
so why didn't i kiss him

our faces were really close
i could reach to his lips
his smile was like a god
and i was about to melt

i apologized to him that
i might smell like a dog
because i have a dog then
he said it was okay although i don't like animals that much

i was on his knee hugging him
we were flirting very much
i could have make love to him
we were in such a very good mood

so why didn't we do anything
why didn't i kiss him
why didn't i make love to him
i wil never ever see him again
i wish i could go back that day
i wish i could go back in that dream again

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