in the sun (she and him) cover

i am now really fed up with my boring face. anyway hope you enjoy.


Blemished banana

there is
one blemished banana
it's getting darker
which means its the best time to eat
but nobody chooses that banana
How sad it is
nobody wants that banana
How lonely it is

Look at it
i can see it's crying
because of its figure
which was slightly different from the others
this one is supposed to be very sweet
but people avoid taking it
how typical is that?
they choose the shiny yellow banana
how awful is that?

so i decided
to paint him yellow
so there will be no difference from the others
surprisingly one of the customers bought it
they took that sweet banana
because it doesn't look different any more
how ironic is that
thats how we are
in this modern world


she left me a mark

she was very irritating that day
and she bit my knee
a bit of blood came out,
she left a mark

she was just wanting a sweet
which i took from her
because she didn't eat it,
and she left me mark

she was really upset
my knee hurt so bad
i throw a tissue box at her to fight back,
and she left a mark

she left me her mark on me
what is happening to my knee?
her anger made a nebula on my knee
her anger makes a nebula on my body
this is completely crap but enjoy my pretty dog. she is brilliant as always.


watch out, she can be really wild sometimes

i literally laughed my ass off when i took this photo...alone. yes i laughed alone.


new hair again

im sorry, i cant smile.