so i went to see the dark knight rises again

i realized many stuff that i didn't yesterday. (yesterday, in the end i cried so much and i couldn't see the screen because of so many tears came out which is the reason why i missed a bit of important part) so my emotion has been slightly changed from last article although mostly the same so start from

When the movie nearly end
and realized some important things about the part i missed yesterday
when the movie fade away to credit
To Christopher Nolan

the dark knight rises

Before the movie started 
when the the theater got dark
when the movie started with awesome soundtrack
during the movie

Evertime When Alfred was talking
when the movie nearly end
when the credit started 
when the movie finished
and back to home, lying on my bed like


"as always she was late"

you might recognize this song from the movie Royal Tenenbaums which is one of my really favourite movie. Wes Anderson is BRILLIANT
my new uke cover song. its really hard to sing because Nico, she sings way lower than me.
but hope you enjoy the retro-ish sound of my omnichord.


life via instagram and new weird song

my favourite necklace, lovely dog, new classic guitar which was super cheap, and bedhead.

You've got hairy arms
they are really sexy arms
please don't hide them
you've got fluffy arms
they are good fluffy arms
let me feel them
let me feel them
with my face

Don't be ashamed of having hairy arms
they will defend you from ultraviolet rays
they regulate body temperature
and keep away from frictional of clothing
so don't be ashamed of having hairy arms

I prefer softer hair more than bristle hair
it is because mainly i want to feel them on my face
it reminds me of my dog when I'm away from her
and also makes me feel safe somehow
but don't worry about having bristle hair because its very manly

You've got hairy arms
even I've got hairy arms
i won't be ashamed of it

You've got furry arms
they are good furry arms
let me feel them
let me feel them
with my face

let your girlfriend feel it
let your boyfriend feel it
your brother, sister, grandma, grandad,
let everybody feel your hair
because it'll probably make them feel safe
at least it makes me feel safe

this is for ladies, you don't have to shave your arm hair
i know you ladies don't want guys to see it
but they don't really care…only a few of them do
even you shave, it grows back anyway
and that short arm hair will hurt someone when they touch your arm
so we don't have be ashamed of hairy arms

its really good to have bushy fuzzy arms
they help our body and make people feel safe
so don't be ashamed of having hairy arms
and don't worry about having bristle hair because its very manly

You've got lovely hairy arms
We've got lovely hairy arms
we are proud of having them

You've got fluffy arms
they are good fluffy arms
let me feel them
let us feel them
let yourself feel them
let world feel them


oh yes he is.

new creepy song. hope you enjoy it.

when is he going to notice
that I've got feelings for him
I wonder how he reacts
 about I've got feelings for him

 He has a 60s mushroom haircut
looks like Geroge Harrison from The Beatles
and talk like steve buscemi, lots of hand expressions
yes he is absolutely my ideal guy

Every time when I see him at some events
I just cannot take my eyes off from him
just stare at him and hope that he says hello to me
in my mind, he already takes my hands to dance
 maybe I am not his type of girl 
oh maybe he likes big boobs, blonde chicks 
 who knows, just hope 
that good things will happen to me.

but all I can do is sneak around him that’s why when
somebody takes a photo, I always stands next him
the day I found out we both love Buster Keaton
not Chaplin,   I thought this is going to be good

I wonder when is he going to notice
that I've got feelings for him
I wonder how he reacts when he finds out 
that I've got feelings for him








how come

we look bloody AWESOME with big yawning?


good company

this song is made by one of my genius friend Lewis and a bit of back-up chorus by me.

 ‘Are you still
Half asleep?
It’s almost midday,’
Says the sun through the trees.

And you share
A silence with me
Words are unneeded
You’re good company.

Good company
Good company
Good company

And it rains
Our hands and our knees
We wash off the mud
As we swap old stories.

We burn
The structures and beams
Of an old woodshed by a lake
And the walls in between
A shy you and me.

Good company
Good company
Good company

We do what we can
To make most of days
While there is time
We might for-get why
The reasons and grounds
For our love that bloomed
Don’t worry now
And don’t speak to - soon



a sweltering night

here is my new summerish short film although i shoot this in my room as usual. and i made this music myself as well with my iphone. so hope you enjoy my cute little doggie.

photos are my super comfy giant Bridget Jones-ish underwear and my hairy arm that i love to rub my face with.



My laptop is funky as you can see


doggie madness

my new job starts from today. i am quite excited about it but also nervous for some reason. well i hope i get used to work there quickly. by the way i got an iphone. yes i still have my blackberry but it doesnt work at all to me. if you have an instagram account, serch "annietheclumsy" and add me...only if you want to. thats it.