one of my creative friend wrote about me in her cool unique website :) as you can see a bit of it from above photo, she wrote "~Japanese Zooey Deschanel, or Soko~"...she exactly knows my music taste. anyway if you are curious you can see it in here TENDON. you will love this website. its just really cool. thanks sari-chan



✸✸✸wassssup bitches✸✸✸

well that's what she said from this photo. not me.anyway ive just made a new song called "you make my uterus ache". and i guess some of you girls would understand what i'm saying. especially if you don't have a partner. feel so frustrated and your uterus is keep aching when you find/see a sexy guy you like. anyway hope you don't hate me by this song.

Don't give me that
Pretty smile at me
It's just so shiny
Do you want me to be blind?
I need my sunglasses now
Don't whisper
With that deep voice at me
It's just too dangerous
Do you want me to collapse to my knees?
I need something to hold
Everything you do makes my uterus ache
Not my heart but my uterus ache
Don't comb my hair
With your beautiful hands
What have you done?
All the blood in my brain works so fast
I need water on my head to calm down
Don't hug me
I can smell your washing up liquid
It just drives me crazy
Oh dear my heart detonator has just turned on
Oh god how can I stop it?

Everything you do makes my uterus ache
Not my heart but my uterus ache
Oh no don't kiss me
I've had so much onion rings
It's clearly not the right time to kiss
But uuuh actually give me more
If you don't care, I don't care



yes i saw Avengers.
yes i love marvel comics
(still batman is my no 1 favourite)
yes i love every characters in avengers.
and yes i fell in love with Tom Hiddleston
he is the cutest villain ever


life via instagram

as you can see, i don't really go out except work...anyway my gig went okay, my dad bought a new camera which is great because i can use it as well, my bro and cat dog saying "oops, nobody told me im a dog", struggling to make a song, got the dark knight rises book, beautiful sky and i fall in love with "Dick Grayson" as known as robin and night wing. i started to watch batman beyond every 4 episodes a day.

short vid of my first gig.

my very first gig from annie the clumsy on Vimeo.

here is for you who wanted to come and see but couldn't, who doesn't care at all but slightly curious or whatever. i want to say thank you to my friends who came to see me even they haven't met me before...i'm now struggling to make a new song. its really hard. *sigh*


these guys are awesome

i usually dont the song call me maybe but this is amazing.



it was okay for very first gig i guess, the only problem was i sung too fast and completely lost my rhythm in the middle of the song but thank you for people who came to see me, yes i gave (some of)them my clumsy hug. きてくれた方に感謝です。次あったとしたらもっと自身もってやります:)


imformation about my very first gig.

short noticeですが、8月7日の火曜日に初めてのギグを渋谷ruby roomでopen micで15分間だけでる予定でいます。もしうちの音楽に興味があるなーなんて物好きな方がいらっしゃいましたらぜひ来てください。7時からopen micは始まる予定ですがまだいつでれるのかは当日の来た順になっているのでわかりませんが、もし来た順に決められた場合は8時過ぎぐらいを予定してます。一応カバーと自分のオリジナルをウクレレで数曲やるよていです。渋谷周辺で働いてる人はちょこっと飲んでいくのも良しなのでぜひ来てください。私は眼鏡はずしてやるので何も見えない状態になりますが。(緊張からのがれるため)よろしくです。ひどくても保証はできないのでただお酒をちょびっと飲もうな感覚できてください。(でもほかにもいろんなアーティストさんがいるとおもうので大丈夫だとおもいます),もしまだ私のビデオをみたことがないかたは手始めにこちらか見ていただいて気に入ったらきてくれてもよし、気に入らなかったらそれでいいです。
i am going to perform my very first gig at Shibuya ruby room in their open mic for 15mins on 7th Aug (tue). i still dont know what time i am going to play but hopefully after 8pm (open mic starts from 7pm). so if you interested in my weird music or live in tokyo or work around shibuya,just pop in for a pint :) don't worry, i guess more artists/band would come and they must be definitely better than me. mine is going to be really simple, just play a few songs (including my original song) on my uke. anyway if you are curious, feel free to come. i'll give you a hug if you want. ha-ha-ha. (if you are wondering what kind of song i do, you can just visit here and see) thanks.

smile like her.