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*i had a too much fun in hippie bar near my work place
and i hit my baby toe quite badly to stupid chair (still hurting now)
*i found a drunk guy when i was working so took a photo together
*my lovely dog
*nearly "Velama" from scooby doo (that's who i am going to be for halloween)
*went to tokyo art book fair with my friends in horrible weather
*went to yoyogi park
*and caught a nasty cold...
i am still having a cold but it's getting much better than last 3days, it was horrible and i thought i am going to die because i haven't had it for ages so my body forgot what was fever like. and my final audition is coming soon so i guess its the best time to stay calm for a while. i used to be a very indoor girl and suddenly started to go out a lot which i don't get used to so my body coulnd't handle it. so ill stay calm and back to indoor (hikikomori) life.

So speaking of my final audition earlier, i already wrote about it in last post, you can get a ticket in here just print this out. (one ticket for one person) (its FREE + 500yen drink fee) i would be very happy if you could come even you don't know me and i don't know you. and they are our photos in website if you are curious although i look horrible as always (don't know why they chosen this photo of me nearly closing my eyes). hopefully see you guys at tokyo final.
Tokyo Finalのチケットのことですが、ネットからでも入手可能なようでこちらを印刷して持ってきてください+500円のドリンク代です。でも多分みんなすごいから見る価値があると思います。みんなすごいなかで私は場違いだとおもっちゃうけどとりあえず自分は自分なのでアニーパワーでがんばろうとおもってます。ラーメン食べて元気をつけようと。今熱なんです。まあともかくファイナル出場者の写真もこちらにでてるのでよければチェケラッチョー。つねに眠そうといわれるけど写真でも眠そうなのが選ばれてブラの紐まででちゃってるまったくいけてない写真ですがこれがアニーです。おすすめはMichael Kaneko君です。まだ他の人をみたことないからわからないんだけど、近代ガールズもすごかったです。18歳以下。わたしおばさん。マイケル金子君はMichael Bubléみたいな声してますよ。ためいきつくほどすごくいい。それでは来てくれたらすごくうれしいです。応援してください。


Music Revolution

Right! I finally can tell you guys about this, I fortunately could pass through to semifinal of yamaha's music revolution audition. and you guys can come to see area (Tokyo) Final. it's going to be on 7th October (Sunday) at Shibuya Duo Music Exchange and it only costs you 500 yen, open from 16:00 and starts from 16:30, so if you want to see me, hug me, kiss me, slap me, whatever me, feel free to come and support me please. 18 great artists are going to perform, compete for japan final, o if you love music, you have to come and check them out. here is the link you can see the detail just in case if you want to come. (or you can just ask me)
やっとこれが言えます、前にどのくらい自分でいけるのかたまたまやってたMusic Revolutionにデモ送ったら奇跡的にセミファイナルまでいってしまったんですけど、このエリアファイナル(東京)が10月7日の日曜日にあります。どうやら2000組から18組の中に残ってしまったようで、申し訳ないんだか、うれしいんだかわからないですが、とりあえず自分の変な歌を楽しく歌うつもりなので、ぜひ興味のあるかたは来てください。精一杯小さいウクレレひきますので。チケットはたったの500円(ドリンク代)ということでお財布にも優しいし、うちよりもっとすごい人たちが演奏すると思うので。私は既にMichale Kaneko君のfanです。(ギグで初めて会ってびっくりするぐらい良い声してる)。とまあそういうことで、チケットについては私に言ってください。それか下の書いてあるような感じで。
The 6th Music Revolution TOKYO FINAL
10月7日(日)渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGEにて開催!
16:00 open/16:30 start ★ゲスト審査員に西寺郷太氏が決定
→入場整理券は、Music Revolution参加ヤマハ特約楽器店、専門学校


life via instagram

☆i finally got shway t-shirt of Flight of the conchords
and also Loki's "you mad? i do what i want!" t-shirt.
(tom hiddleston himself has exact the same one. woohoo.
☆and ive got something to tell you but not this time,,,in a week.
its good news but not that special.
☆i probably am going to make a short film soon with my friend.
☆that shibainu with orange hat is my friend's dog and i thought its really funny and cute
☆my dog wasn't a dog. she is a unicorn! beauts isnt she?

thats it.


you make my dreams come true

i covered this song on my uke. obviously original one is the best.