⚛what are you doing new year's eve?⚛

did you guys have a good Christmas? well i didn't. it was too busy to work unfortunately.
but its fine we still have new years right? i dont really know what i'm going to do because i am working in new years eve as well but hopefully it will be better than christmas :)
anyway here is probably going to be my last ukulele cover in this year, "what are you doing new years eve?". and other covers that i didn't mention in here.Nico and Sufjan Stevens's song:)
happy new year *<:-D
これは多分今年最後のクリスマスカバーになりますがずっとやりたかったwhat are you doing new years eveです。あとはまだのせてなかったカバー達。NicoとSufjan Stevensの曲のカバーです。 みなさんハッピーニューイヤー*<:-D 

what are you doing new years eve (uke cover) from annie the clumsy on Vimeo.

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