New song: Night time rollerblade session


here was a boy who I used to live with
and there is a beach where he lives by
so we used walk and cycle along by the sea
where I taught him how to rollerblade

I got my rollerlades for only 5quid in a charity shop
when I really thought about getting a pair of them
so we started to cycle and rollerblade by the sea
and then he started wanting his own rollerblades

he bought very nice brand new ones online
so obviously his one were much smoother than mine
and we started to rollerblade together by the sea  
only problem was he’s never done it before

*he was like a bambi first  
then he was like a bambi that started to learn how to stand and walk
he got better, better and better
but still he was like a bambi that started to learn how to stand and walk

it was funny how he wasn't good at it
at all even though he is twice the size of me
so we started to go rollerblading a lot for him
only in the night time because he doesn't want to be seen

it was quite romantic how we rollerblade together
in the night time by the sea holding each other's hands
but it was more like I gave him a helping hand
to try and not fall down

I was loving it loving it loving it
loving our night time rollerblade session
but he was getting fed up fed up fed up with rollerblades
**in the end he just took his bike for a walk


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