what are you guys dressing up as for halloween?

Last year, i dressed up as Velma from Scooby Do and i absolutely loved it and enjoyed it although people were saying that i always looked like her. 
This year, i am dressing up as Daria from the animation series for MTV "Daria".
i absolutely love this show and just finished watching all episodes a week ago. its just great isnt it. i wish i could have watched it more earlier when i was in high school or jr high because i was kinda like her but more like Enid from the movie Ghost World who was my icon when i was a high school student. i think Daria and Enid has kinda same...mmm style although Enid wasn't that clever. 
I'm already ready to be Daria, it wasn't really hard to get stuff because all you need is gigantic glasses which i can just use my nerdy granny glasses and green jacket, orange shirt, black pleated skirt and lace up boots. funny thing is a few of my friend already said once i look like her before i decided to dress up as her so...mmm it is going to be fun. i'm not massive fun of Halloween but I have to admit that i really love dress up as some character from animation or movie. 
Unfortunately i live in japan so not many people know these foreign animation even scooby doo (i thought its quite famous) they didn't recognize her last year but people from other countries.

Anyway, I'll probably upload some photo after halloween or before or whatever of me with daria costume :) if you haven't seen daria, you'd better watch it especially if you love ghost world, i guess you would like it.

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